Running your own website? Then you want to make sure people see it. You want to make your web address easy to find, from a number of inroads. And considering there are a gazillion web pages coming on line every day, you may wonder how you are going to rise above the noise.

Using internal links are also an easier way to get good traffic from links. Inbound links are more effective in improving your search engine rankings than external links. Internal links also help you keep the visitor for more time on your Website. Internal back links also help the search engines to index your page faster, which increases exposure of your Website or blog.

You also don’t want to focus on just article marketing. Work on some buy guest blog posts as well, use social bookmarking services to bookmark your pages, leave comments on do-follow blogs and the likes. In other words, mix it up as much as possible.

Urge people to leave comments. This will make your readers feel important to your blog. Try and respond to as many comments as you can. This will make your readers regularly return to your blog to read new comments and become producers of information, rather than just passive consumers.

Affiliate programs can bring visitors and sales to your site, and can help others to make money for their efforts promoting your products. If affiliates aren’t making sales, you’re not paying them any money, so it is a low risk way to promote your site.

You can use yahoo site explorer to find out exactly how many of your incoming links are pointing to your home page and how many to interior pages. Chances are that you have more links to your main domain than any other page on your site. Spend some time focusing on interior links and you should see your rankings go up across the board.

Sites like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can really drive a lot of traffic to your site because they are some of the top sites in the world. This is the place to meet and greet others in your industry, as well as connect with customers.

Finally, don’t forget to let your followers see you in all the business every once in awhile! While your followers won’t want to know about every sandwich you make, a tweet that talks about you as a person, every now and then, won’t hurt at all.