My husband heaved himself up, then lifted me off the icy pavement by grabbing onto my coat and pulling me to my feet. I was also determined to keep my gloved hands in their nests. We trudged our way into the brightly lit foyer of our children’s school, leaving the Arctic temperature outside where it belonged.

The Boxer (1997) – Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Danny Flynn, a once promising amateur boxer of Northern Ireland who as a teenager was caught up in the violence of the IRA and imprisoned for fourteen years. Upon his release, he teams up with his former trainer in an attempt to re-enter the fight game amid the Microtargeting turmoil that continues to tear the region apart. Written and directed by Jim Sheridan.

I will revisit a quote from Haley’s article on the Byam School District given by an anonymous parent, “How long since students were allowed to sing actual Christmas Carols during the Holiday”…or maybe “Winter production? With a little extra effort and creativity, music teachers can figure out ways to work students in and out of acceptable and non- acceptable pieces in honor of family religious practices. Would this not be preferable to losing the joy of celebration altogether?” (anonymous) I would like my readers to pause just a moment to reflect on these words, of which the owner remains anonymous, but the statement easily deciphers into a very simple and practical solution that is worth consideration.

Karyn Kupcinet was on the list. A daughter of a TV host that shares something incredibly in common with John F. Kennedy. She was murdered before JFK was.

Obama decided to send extra troops to Afghanistan. This was months after the request had been submitted by the military. Why did it take so much time to decide? The press said it was because Obama is so smart and needed the time to ponder. Military history does not speak well of the leaders who took a lot of time political communications company to ponder during wartime.

Charles Nicoletti, also on the House Committee’s witness list, was shot three times in the back of the neck in the parking lot of a suburban Chicago shopping center in March 1977-less than 48 hours after de Mohrenschildt’s death. Nicoletti was said to have been a “handler” (that is, supervisor) of Mafia assassins in the ClA-Mafia plots.

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