We have done it every day of our lives, ever since early childhood. It is something we rarely think about when we’re doing it, but it is just as important as sharing our thoughts to with others. It is a form of communication just as much as talking is. Listening is an art which we all, including the author, can improve on. Studies show that people remember only 25 percent of what they hear. That means that we are only truly listening to a quarter of the information, thoughts, or feelings being told us. Good listening skills are important for success in college, in business meetings, in careers, and in relationships.

Whilst these medications help with pain, if you are self prescribing them then it’s time to cut down on their use. Aspirin has a number of side effects and your tinnitus could be one of them.

Then you just watch your own personal movie a couple of times a day for a few weeks, get engaged with it, resonate with the inspirational background music for videos that you’ve chosen for it and guess what! You’ll be amazed to find you start attracting what you want into your life!

I’m going to eat good chocolate, drink red wine, and buy myself a lovely array of flowers. This one’s a no-brainer, really. These things make me happy. Other people might have different combinations – root beer floats, for example, and a new pillow. I don’t know. The point is to woo the self. I’ve recently discovered that unless I love myself, no one else will, either. It’s best to start here, with what I can control, and then ask the universe for the rest.

What about the background music volume, you ask? Well, let me tell you – it is worse than distracting. I’m watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent as usual, and as we get to a critical scene, the entire symphony orchestra keeps dramatically rising in volume until I can’t hear a freaking thing that Bobby or my love, Eames, is saying. What? What did he just say? Damn it!

The benefits are outstanding. It can heal our body and shift disease from our body. We can use to bring about many changes in our lives and relationship with others. You can use it to clear up a bad headache, you can run it though your food before eating, it will not only enhance the flavour but it will increase the quality of energy that you gain from eating that food which you have run energy through. You may also use it to shift the flow of energy in your hope. When the environment is negative and there is a lot of tension you may also use to bring a more light hearted and relaxed space. There is no end to the many things you can do.

#2 – Listen to motivational audio on the way to work. Or, if you work at home as I do sometimes, listen as you get ready to work. There are many motivational CD recordings out there, I use ones from Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, or Bob Proctor, but there are many good ones out there.

The goal with your site is to move visitor’s forward… not only does removing your website’s clutter reflect well on you as a business, it makes it very easy for a visitor to take the next action towards a completed sale.