There are thousands of websites created daily. I would assume that means thousands of WordPress websites as well. With that type of volume how can you stand out in the pack? The good news is that most people throw up a site and don’t so anything with it. If you only take a couple steps you can easily stand out from those sites. What about the sites people do customize though? How can your site stand out from those. Luckily, you don’t need a ton of knowledge to make a unique site and this is especially true with WordPress. is extremely flexible and there are many plug-ins that you can use to increase its robustness. One of the big benefits is that your web visitors can be much more interactive on a Telles than they can on your web site. That’s a great reason to convert.

It’s so easy to over think things, to get caught up in trying to make it perfect and to get confused and enamored with all the design options and pretty design features you see on other people’s website.

There are many themes you can choose from to customize your WordPress blog. Thousands of completely unique themes with various color combinations; one to three columns, graphics and other details are available to suit your needs, the theme of your blog and the taste of your readers.

There are a lot of different ways to go about installing WordPress. Most Web hosts now offer very easy to use WordPress installation tools that come with the hosting service, but you can also install WordPress manually.

Because of a number of high quality ecommerce plugins, WordPress will suit a business. However a large business with a million products would justify a custom designed website with custom designed ecommerce.

That’s all you need to do. If you do all 5 steps above once a day, every day you’ll outperform 99% of your competitors in just a couple of months time. Try it out for 100 days and let me know your results.