Trying to search for a person by cell number should be an easy task, right? A good reliable, legal, and confidential site’s gotta be around here somewhere. But where? Well, the fact is that it’s not so easy. Especially when you throw in the fact that most people don’t realize how it all works.

Before I get into the specific viruses and malware, a bit of background is necessary. Believe it or not, the McAfee computer security company says that at any given point in time, there are thousands of active viruses infecting computers. Thousands! And many computer users don’t even know it!

Don’t use your SSN unnecessarily – Don’t put your SSN on your checks, driver’s license, resumes or anything else, if you can avoid it. Don’t give it out unless absolutely necessary. It is legally required in relation to any taxable income source. Merchants may not choose to grant you credit if you do not reveal it, it’s your choice (and theirs) in that case. Some people make up a number. This ploy has risks that the number will be found to be invalid or, worse, that the number belongs to someone else. The other person may not have good credit or may even be wanted by law enforcement. You don’t want to appear to be an ID thief yourself.

A crosscut or confetti style is best, as strips can be reconstructed. Anything with your social security number on it or containing προστασία προσωπικών δεδομένων is fair game to the thieves when it hits your garbage bag or can. “Dumpster diving” is a profitable profession.

Don’t give personal data protection out any of the individual info more than the telephone Web or by mail. You can do this if you’ve sufficient trust on the individual who will be receiving them.

Request for a credit score report at least once a year. The law provides you the right to one free credit score record each year from the 3 credit score bureaus.

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