You may have noticed that the last time you were at the driving range, your swing could not compare to those around you. Does that make them better golfers than you? No, it simply means that they are better trained than you are. What you need is a strengthening exercise for golf, and golf only. This is the case only because a strengthening exercise for golf is very different than a strengthening exercise for another sport. These exercises are not difficult, but expect to spend a little longer in the gym if you slack off early on.

You could execute this particular drill with a partner at the driving range or perhaps golf course. Have a partner stand fronting you but a number of feet away … far enough that you can not hit them during your golf swing.

An easy way to lower your 동남아 골프투어 score actually begins at home. Believe it or not, your tee shot may not be the culprit behind your lousy scores. While a long, straight tee shot is a thing of beauty to watch, it is the short chip shots with best golf clubs and missed putts that really cause a score to mount. For this reason you need to set up a few golf drills at home that can be practiced in your own back yard. Here are some good ones.

To start with, In case your are raising your shoulders in your backswing you might just have precisely what we refer to as a “merry go round swing.” Which is, a swing that is too steep.

I’ve been playing WGT for quite some time. I used to play a lot more outdoors, but I hurt my back and had to find something else to satisfy my golf addiction. It was then that I heard about World Golf Tour and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is a real easy game to play at work and when the boss walks by, we just switch pages. I play against my coworkers in tournaments.

Owned by designer Douglas Wilson, of Trading Spaces and Moving Up fame, Doug Wilson’s Jibby’s is the best of big city dining meets small town service. The blue and white professionally designed interior makes this restaurant a classy, yet romantic place to take a first date. There are booths available for more intimate dining.

Whether you believe they cure all ailments or not, there has been little debate over the fact that they just look cool. There are so many styles and colors it would be hard not to find one you like. They are offered at most major sporting goods stores, as well as online at retailers such as Amazon. If you want to see how they look, check out some baseball games this summer. Many of the guys wear and endorse the Phiten products. I got my Texas Ranger bracelet!