If you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life 3-day cruises is a way to go. You can spend a few days relaxing with your family and friends with mini cruises. 3-day cruises actually offer one of the best alternatives to book a last minute cruise adventure.

And speaking of shoulder season, that’s another great time to find a bargain, even if you want a more standard round-trip cruise. Summer and winter are the busiest travel and cruising times–but that could mean your ship will be crowded. Try the shoulder season between those points, when there is lower demand, which equals lower prices.

Cheap spring break trips can be found if you have the right frame of mind. The problem is that most college students don’t consider cruises with planning their vacation. An airfare ticket can often account for almost half the total cost of the package. This is not the case with most cruises.

Another benefit of taking a Carnival 2 day cruise is the low cost. You may have to pay for extra things like spa treatments, games or shore excursions. Carnival has an affordable short cruise that leaves from Miami and Port Canaveral in Florida. There’s also a Carnival cruise that departs from Long Beach, California and heads to Ensenada, Mexico. Always, plan a head of time when you schedule a short cruise. Ask about the different kinds of ships. You wouldn’t want to go on a ship with partiers if your family is with you or you want to relax.

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Not all cruise ships are undersold, especially during busy seasons. If you wanted to enjoy a nice cruise to the Caribbean islands, there may be none available for the time you want to go. Research different locations and choose a different one. There are cruises that go to private cruise line-owned islands as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, or even to exotic Alaska.

Book a Carnival 2 day cruise early since these types of cruises are popular and fill up quickly. Generally the times of year that short cruises are offered are in the spring and summer. Dress is mainly casual for short cruises but you may have to dress formal for the dining room. If you’re a regular cruiser, you may want to take a short cruise between longer cruises. If you’re a new cruiser, then you may be able to see one or two destinations on a mini or short cruise. You won’t need to worry about lots of luggage or being away to long. It’s best not to try to do too many things on a short cruise so you don’t become overwhelmed.