There is a great product that is on the market today that many will love to have. In other words I fell in love with this product which is of the utmost importance when shopping. In the back of my mind when I shop I am like a little stress ball being squeezed every time. The itch of frustration sets in and I can not make up my mind on what shop for in the store. It is extremely hard to find a product that can satisfy an indecisive person such as myself. It is hard enough having to find a good product that has been sold out. How in the world will I know what to get when the choices are limited.

Switchblade Tattoo sounds like an ominous name, but don’t let it scare you away. The tattoo shop was opened in fall of 2008 by the owner and tattoo artist, Crystal Scott. She has been tattooing for about 4 years and is a terrific artist on canvas and on bodies. She does not actually use a switchblade on you, that just happened to be her nickname so she made it her business name as well. Crystal Scott was born and raised here in Forney and really wanted to open her own business here doing what she loves. With the support of her mom and her wife Lindsey, and plenty of friends, she was able to obtain property for her shop and realize her dream. She has taken it from a dingy place once used as a dog groomer business and turned it into a pink and black tattoo palace.

Fill two suitcases with several popular girls’ clothing items such as pants, dresses, Masonic jewelry and shoes. Split the girls into two teams. Assign each team a suitcase. On the words “Go,” one girl from each team must open the suitcase and put on all the clothing items as fast as possible. She must run across the room, around a chair and then back to the suitcase to take off the items. Once she has removed all of the items, the next girl in her team must repeat the same steps. The team who gets all their players through the relay the fastest wins the game.

17. Unclaimed Money – for every state that you have lived in, check for any unclaimed money that may belong to you. I did this and found some for my wife and grandfather – you never know what you’ll find! Google “Unclaimed Money” for each state separately. Try to do this on each state’s government page – watch out for the many businesses that try to offer this service.

Try some one-time freelance work – there is always an employer looking to pay a few hundred dollars for a certain talent or ability to work hard on something.

Photos aren’t normally too expensive either! You can determine the elaborate scale of family photos. You can decide upon something like simple casual photos or something as elaborate as formal photos, or even some fun dress up photos. There are many ways to spice up this gift! Bring something new to the table this Mother’s Day. Go to a nice dinner and this time in the Mother’s Day card offer a scheduled photo session for your lovely spouse or significant other. Good luck and God Bless!

Suits are one the summer/fall’s trendiest fashions. We’ve spotted and chatted about some shimmery versions recently, but this red stunner on the gorgeous Cruz just takes the take. Do you prefer this red look over Rachel Nichol’s daring number last week? I do too!

All of this in one package sounds like an excellent deal to me. Most places should offer a warranty on this product if they do not you should not buy from them. It is way too many other merchants out there that offer this same product and they might even be a little cheaper. This lovely item is a very inexpensive one the prices range from $160.00 to $250.00. There are many places that offer discounts on this product so be sure to look around, enjoy your shopping experience.