It really depends on what you want to get back on your investment. Web content is getting discussed on webmaster boards all the time, the most common question is always, “how much should I pay?” By reading this article you will find out.

You need a few things in place to grow this at maximum speed. First, you MUST have tracking software on your web site – most of the time it is free from your ISP. Make sure it tells you where your traffic is coming from.

If you want to keep costs to a minimum, one of the best free options is to write articles like this and submit them often. The key is to write a lot of articles. If you can’t think of what to write, log into an article directory and read articles in your interest category. You obviously can’t use the articles but they will give you some excellent ideas for your own. The more articles you write and have published the more one way marketing links backlinks you will get and search engines submit the search engines currently favour them.

Intelligent cart and sum calculator. We expect the cart to display the final amount we have to pay. Pictures can be positive but the most important is to show real data to the customers. Most of the carts are left because of the lack of information.

OBuild a profile for yourself on a social networking site or start a few blog sites and use the resources they offer you. Just share the resources you create and wait till people start book-marking you. Upload and install feed burners as well as RSS feeds on your site to let your customers know what you’re offering him and stay up-to-date. Just try spreading your business out further and the chance of getting towards the target of mastering Web 2.0 marketing.

Another free option to consider is lead generation sites. There are a lot out there, some are better than others. In short, you sign up (for free in many cases) and submit your ad. In return you agree to receive ads from other members. This can be a great way to get traffic, but it’s also a very effective way to fill your inbox. Get a new email address specifically for this if you chose to take this path.

Search engine ranking reflects the value of the web site. Always monitor on the search engine, and see how it fares there. Optimize your web site to make higher rankings at the search engines. A web site with high ranking attracts more visitors to the website.