As our economy moves out of the doldrums we are entering a new economic cycle and we are seeing the share market pick up and some sectors of the Australian property markets literally booming.

Cleaning is most important. You don’t want the buyer to see an unkempt and dusty living space. The obvious places like toilets and kitchen must look hygienic but don’t property staging neglect the corners.

Garage – You might prefer to keep piles of stuff in the garage, with the car outside, but again, it’s clutter that will turn a buyer off, and it makes the garage look smaller as well. Have a garage sale, donate stuff to charity, and you can show your buyers around a neatly arranged garage instead of rushing past it.

Newspaper Advertising – This is a common resort for people who have something to promote. Spending money through local newspapers is a good way of spreading out word about your flat staging for rent. For this to be effective, you must say a little more than just where you can be contacted and how much the rent costs in the ad. Fill in details that your prospective tenants may have in mind. Location is an essential information that you must never leave out. In most cases, prospective tenants scour properties for rent according to location.

They can help you secure higher rent. With the company looking after your property, they would be able to ensure that the property is always maintained properly. Obviously, this would drive the value of the property higher making it easy for you to raise the rent.

Forget for a while you are the owner of the house and step into the shoes of the buyer you want to buy your home. From the front door to the backyard – if you view with a critical eye, you are sure to find many “ifs” and “buts” to deter the buyer from appreciating the house.

Staging your home for sale is a combination of cleaning, decorating and psychology. If you can do it well, then your home will sell quickly. If not, then… maybe some furniture?