Norton 360, another product from Symantec is antivirus software that aims towards providing online security to the users. Norton 360 is completely functional software that is user-friendly and does not need rocket science for protection. It is very simply demonstrated. Norton 360 support is meant for users who face problems with Norton 360- technical and non-technical. Though there are many sites dedicated to Norton 360 support, it is always recommended if you take the help directly from the Norton website.

For your Internet browser, it’s better to use Firefox or Google Chrome than Internet Explorer. The reason is that Internet Explorer has a number of bugs and glitches that are easy for hackers to manipulate. It also doesn’t offer nearly as many updates as Firefox, Chrome and other browsers do.

Always cover any items that are to remain in the vehicle and in full view of the windows. And this even includes any items belonging to the driver – for example, books, shopping, money, sunglasses or shopping bags. The rule is do not leave anything in view that could be of interest to anyone.

Across the top of the scan results display page you see the tabs… Registry, Junk Files, Privacy, Bad Active X, Performance, etc. Each of these tabs will show you the results of that area. The Junk Files are mainly temporary files such as internet data, pictures, web pages… And they are just taking up storage space.

You sign up to the referral company’s website – the most popular is FreebieJeebies. They are a professional, well established company that value their customer’s privacy and security. Your details will not be shared with anybody else.

Remember, most people on the internet don’t trust you (not yet, anyway). Yes, it’s unfair. So have trust elements clearly displayed in the margins of your landing page. Prove you’re hacker free with one of the navigare in sicurezza service shields. If you belong to Square Trade, Online Business Bureau or Better Business Bureau (BBB), display their logo or shield prominently. Show your returns policy.

Choose a full-featured spyware removal tool: Look for the features. And remember “more” is not always “better”. Two of the most important features are “Auto-update” and “Undo” features. Look for the frequency at which the files and spyware definitions get updated. Undo features allows you to recover some of the files which you wrongly deleted.

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