Just because the winter months have gone, doesn’t mean the fireplace can collect dust for an entire season. There are still so many things you can do over the months ahead. I can give you some ideas and hopefully they can spark your own creativity.

Now that the polymeric sand is in place use a garden sprayer full of water to lightly saturate it. This will help solidfy the sand and make a tight joint that weeds cannot penetrate through.

Maintaining the quality of your patio cushions is very difficult to do especially if there are many factors that can destroy it. However, you can clean to restore its quality. Some patio cushions can be cleaned with detergent solution or wash it with a water hose. When you fail to maintain your cushions, you will buy for another one and replace the old one which is consuming on your part in terms of money. Though some companies offer a replacement for their product it is still better if you, in your own self will take care your Covered Australia cushions.

If your patio contractors cushions had been damaged by mildews and moulds, create a solution with detergent, borax, and a quart of water. Soak the cushions to the solution you made for 15-20 minutes then after which scrub the cushions gently. Rinse it using a water hose to clean all sides. Dry you cushions under the heat of the sun.

Finally, budget and time. How much are you looking at spending? How good are you at keeping to a budget? Be realistic. Look at pricing. Are you going to do this yourself or have a contractor, designer or decorator? What is your time frame to get this accomplished and how will that effect you budget? Be sure to add planning time into your accounting.

A Minor Works Contract applies to residential work and a Head Works Contract is relevant to Commercial Work. They include information such as the start date, end date, permitted delays, cooling-off period and payment provisions. Although there is usually only enough space for a brief description of works you can write “see attached’ and attach further more specific details to your contract. Some details that are worthwhile adding include, who is supplying what, exactly where and how work is to be completed and also who will be responsible for coordinating any third parties.

So what we’ll discuss here is putting together a sunroom on the top of a deck, or patio. The first question you need to ask yourself is, are there any neighborhood bylaws that will prevent you from adding such a sunroom to your home?

Remember to add plants and flowers around your patio. This space can be more relaxing if there are green leaves and colorful flowers displayed around it.