When it comes to writing your Web site copy, you must balance the needs of your target audience with search engine optimization (SEO) – what the search engines read. Here are the 5 keys to help you succeed with both your site visitors and the search engines as you approach search engine copywriting.

But what information does Google use to determine who gets the highest rankings? Well they usually look at two key ingredients. 1. How old is the page? And 2. How many links point to it? So we need a page with time to mature (which we have no control over), and then we need lots of links pointing to it with plenty of anchor text matching your target keywords. For example, if your article is about a prominent business leader in MLM, be sure to mention his/her name a few times throughout the article. Don’t overdo it, though… You don’t want to sound like you are throwing the name around in every sentence!

These are only a few of the marketing tools that are available to you to use. Just make sure that you are consistent in adding your material and that your material has unique content and is educational. This will ensure that your presence is legitimate online and once this starts to happen it will generate traffic to your website.

But sometimes it’s easy to sit down to write content, and then draw a blank of what to write. Some people call it writers block, but I don’t like that term. That term tells your brain that you have a problem that’s not going to be able to be solved quickly. Then you start worrying about never being able to think of something to write about for your multi level marketing business.

Warning! If you are looking at hiring an best seo singapore expert to do your SEO, be careful of the SEO scams that are out there. They might claim to have top positions for some keywords yet if you investigate, you will find that they are easily obtained positions which do “not” get any traffic. Hiring a genuine SEO expert will cost you a lot of money for a legitimate keyword phrase.

You can play around with numbers but what I am trying to point out is this…Getting top search engine ranking positions within Yahoo is very well worth your while obtaining. The possibility for financial gain is definitely there.

This week however, I realized I was not “walking the talk” 100% of the time, so I’m here to come clean with you. Nearly two years ago, I needed a new website for my business. I met with several experienced local web design firms. But along the way, I also met someone who had used a – let’s just say more economical- web designer from out of state. And that’s the route I chose.

So there you go. Now the secret is to write down all of your ideas in a idea journal so that each time you sit down to write content you don’t have to go through all of this.