With the abundance of job and recruitment websites, newspaper listings and security officer agencies, access to most areas of security industry employment opportunities can be relatively straightforward. However, actually finding the job you want and beating the competition to get it, is a completely different issue altogether. Following these top 10 tips should make the whole ordeal that little less painful.

If you were a bad guy and you wanted to break into your company’s corporate network, how would you go about doing it? Considering that companies have had enough time to secure their corporate networks from people breaking in from the outside, you’d probably do the next best thing: try to break in from the inside.

Network Security online is a “system” and that is why you should consider combining these tips mentioned in this article rather than choosing the easiest one to implement.

Keep details of all applications, save any covering letters you’ve written. These can be reshaped for multiple job applications depending on what you need to say.

Your router is using DHCP to dynamically assign the IP settings to all devices on your network. This is a great feature that could save you time from assigning lots of IPs manually in a big network. However, in your home network there aren’t that many devices and you can easily turn DHCP off and configure all your free booter devices with static IPs. This ensures that hackers can’t just connect and grab your network’s IP settings. This presents another hoop for a hacker to jump over and would likely result in the hacker giving up and moving onto another “easier” network to hack.

Let’s talk about feeling secure, or security, for a moment. First of all, let me state that you will never find conviction, you will never find security, and you will never feel secure, if you look for these outside of yourself. There isn’t anything else. So don’t look outside. Don’t look for an upline or a downline to give you security. Don’t look to the MLM company or a new release of products for security. That’s not where security lies.

What mentioned above are just my personal methods to keep our internet banking safe. I sincerely hope that everyone can use the Internet banking safely and freely. It will be appreciate if you can share your personal methods with us.