Did you ever wonder why the Bible is so hard to read? It’s simple really. God is looking for people who are willing to pursue Him. The Bible is like a gold mine. Now, if I were to give you a real live gold mine, would you just walk in and pick up the gold? No, of course not. You have to dig for it, but the reward is incredibly valuable. I promise if you dig into the Bible you’ll find secrets FAR more valuable than just gold.

I tallied what we never found – the gate leg table my husband and I refinished as our first dining table, the painting of a rainy street I’d bought while I was in college, notes from dozens of seminars I’d attended, and much more that either went up in smoke or was buried forever under the charred ruins, now scraped away to a landfill somewhere.

There’s almost certainly some reorganization you’ve been “putting off”. It could be a stockroom or storeroom racks that needs “tidying up”, a display that needs redesign or a work flow deficiency that you’ve “learnt to live with”. Fix it now.

Take a loan only as a last resort when you are absolutely sure you cannot do without it. Try to avoid the hassles of paying off debts, keeping track of installments, interests, etc.

By the way did storeroom rack you know that some Motion Detectors will call your cell phone and the police if someone trips the alarm. And, you can set these on silent alarm if you’d like so the cops can catch the creep while he’s still in the house.

You have a number of options. You can opt for vertical storage to save space. This type involves placing boxes one over the other. Shelving would be another way. By installing shelves, you can free a lot of floor space. However, not everything can be placed in boxes or shelves, such as dangerous garden tools. Rakes should be placed in corners that cannot be reached by children.

Whatever your faith this is a simple truth. Man is an incredible creation with unlimited potential in his grasp. That power to change the world is in your hands. You control your own destiny! How do you wish to use this power? Is it to mire in your own obstacles or is it to overcome those challenges and inspire the multitudes? What legacy will you leave. Mine will be one of great growth for the entire human experience. Do you align with that? What will you do to foster good will in planet Earth? The power is in your hands use it wisely!