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I made it perfectly clear that after meeting him for ten minutes, in a coffee shop, I was not about to open my life to him; but if he would like to get together (not at my house) and tell me a little bit more about what he does I would be more than happy to listen and perhaps even refer him. I am quite satisfied with my current financial strategy.

Two days later my phone rings. It is Tom. Within one minute he is “selling me;” setting up the appointment for he and a colleague to come to my home, share information and discuss my concerns; because he really loves to help people and wants to make sure I have the best future I could possibly have. Or something like that. He just wants to give me information so that I can make informed decisions.

If you want goof financial careers then make sure you explore the entire industry before joining into a job. There are so many things you can do in this industry. You can either join the banks or even the investment companies.

Why would anyone apply for such a thing and take the time to give them all that information? Because the survey company promised to pay them for their opinions to be expressed when they took future surveys if they did. The potential survey takers signed up in anticipation of getting paid for those future surveys. The Market Researchers budgeted money to pay them to fill out the survey questionnaires because they wanted the information and this was the surest way to get it.

It is also important to watch for scams. Unscrupulous individuals seem to be right there when a person is experiencing personal difficulties. Research thoroughly any organization you are considering using for any type of URL.

Tom continued to tell me how he wants to listen to my concerns and share information that will help me. He is still trying to schedule an appointment for a visit with his colleague.

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