To obtain the best performance from your computer, you need to optimize the operating system. Whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows XP, there are several ways to optimize the OS. There are some tweaks that you can apply to speed up the overall performance of your Windows XP operating system. In this article we will discuss more about them. For operating system support, you can consult a computer repair company.

Update the PC’s video and motherboard chipset drivers. Also, update and configure the BIOS. For more information on how to configure your BIOS properly, see this article on my site.

If you want to completely disable the search indexing feature in Windows 7 you can set the Search Addnewurl to Manual (See the above method about disabling unwanted services).

Type %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\sendto into the Start > Run box or Address bar to open your personal sendto folder. Drag a program shortcut into here (hold down Ctrl as you drag to ensure it’s copied rather than moved) and you can open a file in that program simply by right-clicking on the file and choosing Send to > Program name. This is perfect if, for example, you have a number of different image-editing tools installed on your PC and you need to choose a different one to the default.

If you’re on a network, but not sharing any printers, then speed things up by disabling the network printer search. Open the Network and Sharing Center, then under Printer Sharing, click the down arrow and select Turn off printer sharing before clicking Apply.

In order to maintain your Windows 7 Performance and keep it up in Top Shape there are some very essential software’s that can help us to Speed Windows 7. I will list some of them here. You can download these utilities. But i remind you that you need to run these utilities at least once in a week. Only if you do it regularly your Windows 7 will be in top shape every day.

Click the User Account Control settings. Now just drag the pointer to never Notify and stretch it to extremely below. Now Click “OK” and Reboot your system. Though the feature has been added for security reasons in windows vista and windows 7, however regularly it keeps coming on and irritates most of the time.