While it would be nice to be able to hire a landscaping company to create the yard of your dreams, sometimes homeowners don’t have the money to pay a professional to do all the work. This is why we’ve gathered some of our favorite resources for the DIY crowd or even other landscaping pro’s who want to keep up with the latest and greatest in landscape design.

Make an appointment for an estimate and see if they show up on time. Most companies want to come to your home to take a look in order to give an accurate price quote. If they don’t show up or are hours late, you know how reliable they will be.

Just as vital to your plants as where they are, is what they are in. Your soil is something that needs to be cared for like any other natural resource. The drainage in your yard is a part of this equation. Poor drainage leads to wet soil that kills roots, too much drainage leads to dry soil that kills plants. The pH levels of your soil are an advanced sort of consideration that I don’t think many ordinary citizens can take up on their own. Getting a professional landscaper in to asses this before you begin growing anything is key to the long term health of your front yard. If you want a front yard that looks good for years to come hire a Blcyardworks to get it off to the best possible start.

First and foremost, you want a concrete contractor. Don’t settle for someone who does this type of work as a sideline. A contractor indicates the professional standing of the company. They should be licensed and insured. True professionals carry their own insurance against injury so no one will be coming after you and your homeowners policy. Another sign of a trained landscaper is the amount of time it takes for them to return your call. The longer you have to wait, the less likely it is that you have contacted someone that is highly regarded in his trade. You are not looking for customer service but rather for someone who shows they are serious about doing the work for you.

Buying plants and shrubs that have not yet reached maturity is a terrific way to save money on landscaping. Purchasing plants that are small, one gallon plants for instance, rather than three gallon plants you can save yourself upwards of twenty dollars depending on the species.

Now don’t get SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) confused with each other. SEO utilizes unpaid, or organic, practices. SEM utilizes paid practices like Google AdWords. We’ll discuss SEM in another article but let’s get back to SEO for now.

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