Nigeria is a country blessed with so many resources, and so many great people, yet things are hard. A majority of the youth are unemployed. To get a good job, you either have to be lucky, or you need to be connected (i.e know someone). So many youths these days are going into scam businesses, even graduates, because of the lack of jobs.

Finding job vacancies is only one step in securing a job. It takes work to find work but the more diligent you are in looking and the more sources that you utilize, the better the chance of you finding a job that works for you.

You should make your CV concise but illustrative. Don’t ever think that stuffing it will information will make it appealing. That will just make it look disorganized and clutter. Rid it of unnecessary information and include only the things that would be relevant to the company you’re applying with.

You want a tailored resume to a dream career, you first need to know what you will be doing spending minimum 8 hours a day, 5 (or more) times a week, for many years? Get that in your mind, you will find yourself greatly influenced by it before churning your resume out.

Who’s to say you’re not good enough? The interviewer? No. You decided you weren’t good enough. You decide you don’t have the necessary qualifications.

jawatan kosong 2020 tweet – This would be a ‘hope you get the hint’ type of tweet. Simply tweet the fact that your current job position at the company will be vacant as of a certain date. Don’t put that date too far in the future though. Your company may decide not to keep you very long after receiving that notice.

A great resume tip that doesn’t cost anything at all is to view sample online resumes! There’s a lot of information out there for different types of resumes with samples to boot so do give them a try. Apart from free samples, there are also ready-to-use online resume templates you can purchase where all you need to do is just ‘fill out the blanks’. If you opt for this, just ensure that the template really fits your resume needs.

If you are having difficulty in finding other suitable jobs with good salaries, one alternative is to set up other incomes in your spare time while still looking for a job. This is not any other part -time jobs that you have to go to and be there all the time. This is about setting up passive income streams. This is doing it around you and your family when you have the spare time. You can do this on your way to work, in your lunch break and at home in front of the TV. It has no boundaries.