You’ve found me! I’ve been in the real estate business for over 15 years and have a broad range of knowledge in the real estate field. Negotiating skills are invaluable when it comes to real estate and that skill set is one that has brought years of satisfaction to my clients. I can direct you to the right financial representative, lawyer, home inspector, and any other contact you may need; even after closing.

Questions such as Do you really think this building is not going to need the windows washed according to national safety? Do you really think that this story-building is not going to need a place to store paper products? It will be good to avoid such questions or conversations from people by bring in a building professional who knows the building trends in Atlanta.

A listing agent may have you look at the house during the most sedate and peaceful time of day. You may see a quaint house in a quiet neighborhood mid-day but if you check early in the morning or later in the evening, you may find that it is a thoroughfare for rush hour commuters.

Do you do a radon test and can you explain to me what that is? Yes, a home inspector Palm Springs CA will run a radon test and provide you with results when the test is complete. This usually last up to 1 to 2 days.

If the inspector has a web site you may be able to see a sample report online. The report will likely give a good example of what you can expect. Avoid reports that are too short or difficult to read. Computer reports are easier to read and can provide more detailed information. Hand written reports are often hard to read and only give brief bits of information.

Personally, I have been involved with these groups in the past and find them to work extremely well. One of the more popular ones is Business Networking International (BNI). You can find a local chapter on the web.

This is a general list – note thata few items will get done at once when you’re in contract. These items depend on the terms of the contract (i.e. If a home inspection or appraisal are contingent to the contract.) If they are, they will be added as additional steps to be taken. Every contract is unique and provides a timeline with a step by step guide for you to keep track of. Most items are time sensitive, so strict guidelines will be followed throughout the process.