The Second World War lasted for six years and ended in the defeat of Germany by the Allies. During this war there were many important battles that had a great effect on the war and perhaps sometimes to shortlist five critical battles can be a hard task. But the battles listed below had a profound effect on the conduct of the war and deserve mention.

14. Australia holidays – Melbourne is 22 hours and 30 minutes away from London. You better not plan a weekend break to Australia. A gorgeous country that holiday makers love, Australia is number 20 in this list only for its distance from the UK. Australia has everything from coral beaches, skyscrapers, nightlife, peace and tranquility, great standards of life, extreme sports – you name it. A great place for a long holiday, I rate Australia as one of my top holiday destinations and a must visit. Make sure you take out at least a couple of weeks to enjoy Australia fully.

It was also simply called the Join Indian Army. Till Independence of India this was a part of the British Army. They took part in many of the wars in which the British government was involved including the Abyssinian Expedition.

MHOW was a major railway division during the British Raj.But after independence the stock and facilities were shifted to Ratlam and Ajmer. However its importance to the join indian army has grown manifold as it has become one of the most important training centers of the join indian army. The Army war college, School of Infantry and the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering are institutes that command a name in the join indian army. In addition MHOW boasts of one of the oldest Military clubs in India with a 18 hole golf course which again is a tribute to the British.

Cut Join Indian Army to next scene Jagdish is seeing Nisha played by Kajal Aggarwal at the bride-viewing ceremony. Jagdish says no to Nisha citing reasons that she’s too old fashioned and homely for him. But, quite contrary to her image at home, Nisha is a spoilt brat on the outside. Jagdish happens to see her other side at a boxing match and instantaneously falls head over heels for her.

But modern armies have done away with this system of camp followers. They are thought to be an anachronism. We have however women recruited as soldiers and airmen to be along with the men. Definitely the women in the absence of ‘comfort women’ do add a feminine touch. But the fact remains that biologically a woman is unsuited to be a professional soldier.

I fired about 20 rounds from the revolver and the weapon handled reasonably well. If the IOF pay a little more attention to details, they can have a winner to market. However to break into the international arms market the IOF will have to make a Herculean effort .They will have to lay down and follow stringent quality control norms.This should not be difficult as the IOF is manufacturing this weapon for decades.