For the past few years I’ve been wondering how to get rid of sweaty palms and in my journey I encountered quite a lot of different cures from which only a few really managed to cure sweaty palms. It all started because my sweating got worse and worse with each year that passed. See, even though I’ve thought that it will get less intense as I’ll grow older quite the opposite happened. It got so bad my palms were literally dripping sweat and I had to wipe them every few seconds if I was nervous.

The next method is called iontophoresis, and is my least favorite solution to sweaty armpits. Basically, your doctor takes a low voltage electrical shock to your skin. These shocks “numb” the nerves and stop you from sweating for a little while. While in most people this method doesn’t hurt, I wouldn’t want to even try that out. Secondly, this method is not a permanent solution as you would have to have appointments 3 times a week.

Is that how to stop excessive sweating? Try this; anticholinergic drugs which tamper with your brain chemistry in order to clip off the communications from your brain to the sweat glands by blocking neurotransmitters. Want to know the side-effects? Your vision blurs away, your heart violently jumps around like a bug in a frying pan, and you painfully find that you can’t very well urinate anymore the way you used to. Yeah, the miracle of modern medicine… right.

But the issue with Botox injections is that you may experience sever bruising in the place where you get the injection. Don’t worry; the bruising will disappear after a few days. The other problem you may come up against with Botox is the fact that you’ll have to get the injection every 6 months in order to keep getting results.

Teens, on the other hand, have different sets of concerns. Teens are in the stage of their life where fashion and looking good is of utmost importance. As such, they play with their clothes, experiment with make ups, or style their hair well before going out with friends. If a teen, more particularly a girl, suffer from excessive sweating, her choice of clothes becomes limited. She can’t wear dark colored clothes or else sweat marks would show. All a teen with hyperhidrosis can wear are black clothes and clothes having a lighter shade. Anything else in between becomes improper.

Iontophoresis: This is a treatment which is used by some hospital physiotherapy departments. The treatment wasn’t easily available earlier but now most hospitals have the equipment. You should ask your doctor to find you a place locally where the treatment is provided.The first step of the treatment requires you to place your hands in a bath of tap water. Through this, a very small electrical current is passed for time duration of 15 minutes.

Face it, everyone feels the pressure and starts to sweat sometimes. But, if you find your palms are sweaty even when you feel calm and aren’t nervous or anxious or overheated, you are more than likely being hit hard with a condition called hyperhidrosis.

But of course, you can decide to buy a commercial machine for a few hundreds of dollars if you don’t trust home made devices. However I think we can both agree that iontophoresis machines really can be a miracle cure. My life has literally changed after I started using it and I hope yours will too.