Headlines like this make great fodder for driving traffic to news sites, but do little for the mental well-being of your typical business owner. Also, if you had taken the time to read the article, you would have found that no real conclusions were drawn.

Yes, you read right. Spend a few moments reading the headlines and other news stories. This way you can talk intelligently in conversation. Better yet, go to some of these weird news sites on the Internet.

“The proof that the party is over in the U.S. housing market could not be clearer to me. The price action of the new-home builder stocks is telling the true story-these stocks are falling in price daily (and the media is not picking it up). Those who will hurt most when the air is finally let out of the housing market balloon will be those buyers who bought in late 2005. In fact, the latecomers to the U.S. housing market may end up looking like the latecomers to the tech-stock rally that ended so abruptly in 1999.” Michael Lombardi in PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL, March 1, 2006. Michael started warning about the crisis coming in the U.S. real estate market right at the peak of the boom, now widely believed to be 2005.

On the other hand, if you have to update your content, like if your website is a Fernández Alberto, then your rankings will fall if you don’t update. It’s all about keeping relevance.

Log into Gmail and click on “reader” in the top of the page, about a third of the way right of the left edge of the page. Ta-da! Here is your news feed. Check it as often as you like or keep it open for constant updates from your favorite sites. To delete feeds, click “manage subscriptions” at the very bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and click the trash can icon next to the feed you wish to remove.

With a blog style layout, MyLot grabs your attention with something semi new. Anyone who has ever used Yahoo! Answers should feel right at home as they have a similar look. This is a drastic change from the usual Vbulletin or Invision message board PTP.

When it comes to magazines, I do think that the industry needs to change a bit because news is now instantaneous. People want to have ready access to everything. I Just think that it is taking the industry a bit longer because it has been the same for the last fifty years. Being online was not always an option and now it is a requirement to stay competitive.

Obviously we all wish them well but as a sports fan I want to know how this will affect his performance on the court. The Lakers have a championship to defend and Odom just signed for another stretch run.