Steel has been used as a frame material the longest. It is the heaviest and also one of the most durable frame materials. It is a fairly rigid material that is durable or stands up over several years of riding. Bikes made with steel frames also tend to be less expensive than those made of any of the other materials. Our experience with steel frames is that they are a bit heavier but are more forgiving on the down hills than say aluminum. They are fairly responsive through the corners and on the climbs meaning when you begin pedaling the bike moves forward rapidly.

Cable rim brakes are the cheaper, more common option you will find on most MTB. Once again do your homework here and check to see if your new MTB can upgrade to a hydraulic brake set up.

Stroller wheels used to be nothing more than a mere functionality. Hard plastic wheels left your baby with more than a bumpy ride. The can “lock up” and be a real nightmare to push around. Some of the newer designs feature larger wheels which not only makes pushing it easier but it actually makes getting over curbs and obstacles much easier. Then there is also the issue of inflatable wheels to look into. Inflatables have their own advantages and disadvantages but more than anything it provides a very smooth and comfortable ride.

Like brick, rock is a beautiful old world complement to steel framing. A house made from rock has an appearance all its own, combining nature-formed shapes and man-made construction to create a unique blend. A house made of natural rock and Stalen kozijnen en deuren op maat will truly give you an authentic, traditional look.

Firstly, it is the lightest material of all, given a specific strength ratio. This would also mean it is a soft type of metal, compared to the harder steel. Therefore, manufacturers have been making thicker aluminum bike frames to compete with other materials. Since its (aluminum) strength is not so high, its diameter or thickness has to be increased to compete with other materials. If you take a look at the market, you will find that most aluminum frames are bigger than the other material types.

One of the challenges of the lighter aluminum frame is that they offer a ride that is on the bumpy, and not smooth, side. The whole structure is simply too rigid. Bicycle frames made of steel produce a much more even ride. It would thus make sense for you to try out those with various frames and opt for one that gives you the easiest of rides.

Drailleurs are next other main mechanism involved in the gear change. Once again stick to the bigger names in the industry and look for quality as these can be quite costly to replace and maintain.