Alicia Augello Cook widely known as Alicia Keys is an American record artist, musician, actress and an author. She was born on January 25th 1981 in Manhattan, New York to parents Teresa Augello and Craig Cook. Her parents separated when she was two years old and was brought up by her mother. She learnt music and dance throughout her childhood. Soon she began playing the piano when she was only seven years old. She was accepted into the Professional Performing Arts School at the age of 12 and majored in choir. She also began to write songs by the age of 14 and graduated as valedictorian after three years and enrolled in the Columbia University. She also had a contract with the Columbia Records and opted out of the college to pursue her music career.

I have to be honest in saying that the love song just isn’t what it used to be. I almost feel bad for younger generations of music fans who don’t hear enough well-written, well-arranged and well-performed heartfelt love songs unless they “dig in the crates” of their parents’ old records or listen to “old school” radio stations. For example, there are game to some of today’s so-called R&B/Soul music that are just as explicit or sometimes more so than anything you’d hear on a Hip-Hop record. and Rhapsody: These sites provide free streaming music and also suggest new music you might like based on your preferences. You can also link your friends to specific songs and share the music you love.

In Bollywood, music an important factor in making their films. Their extreme song and dance numbers made their films popular. On the other hand, the world of Hollywood usually uses the latest hit songs as the musical element in their films. That is why even after the movie has been released after a couple of months it still gathers movie goers because of its musical score. There are even times that the fame gained by the movie soundtrack lasts longer compared to the movie itself. That is why they still release an album containing the original soundtrack of the movie. This is how music impacts film. They still gain profit even though the movie is no longer available in cinemas. Hence, if you are a great composer, then you would definitely earn thousands of dollars in Hollywood.

Women have to view black men as computers. When they consider getting involved with a black man, they need to find out what programs the model of their computer comes loaded with. Ideally, you want a computer that’s equipped with the programs that cater to your needs, enable you to execute your daily functions, and fulfills your desires.

I come from a musical family. Arguably it has a lot to do with my Irish heritage but every time more than three members of my family were in the same room, someone would start singing. All national holidays and celebrations usually involved someone hauling out a guitar or accordion and any number of ‘family favorites’. Although I never learned to rock out on a hand organ, I carried a great respect for music into my adult life.

Highway To Hell was one of the last songs recorded by Bon Scott. This was AC/DC’s party anthem. It has one of the best and catchiest choruses they’ve ever written. It also has one of the most recognizable opening riffs, which makes it one of the top 5.

Furtado plans to release her fourth album between May and August of 2009. She will be recording songs in English and Spanish for the new record. She will also be recording an entire album in Spanish and an additional album in Portuguese.