The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus massage chair is the type of chair that can accommodate users who prefer a more gentle massage all the way up to those who want to be aggressively massaged. You know who you are; you want to feel like your muscles have been worked over, maybe even a little sore the next day!

The first areas of prevention are making sure you use correct posture when standing, sitting and lifting. These 3 activities constitute the highest percentage of injuries to the lower back. If you stand, for example, you should hold your head up high and your shoulders should be back. No slouching. If you slouch then the weight is being concentrated in the lower back which fatigues the muscles.

As an incentive to produce greater profits or numbers, some companies will provide on-site chair massage for employees. Massage has been known to relieve a variety of ailments, and can relieve stress. The masseuse will bring his/her own portable How much do massage chairs cost to your place of work and provide massages to employees, often at the expense of the company. It is a more casual opportunity for a social gathering, as chair massage is done on a fully-clothed individual.

Key Features: The HT 7120 has some unique and innovative features. The calf massage width adjustment and the compression massage technique are the two key features we will point out. The leg ottoman comes with a width adjustment to better fit the feet or the calves. There are 6 different width settings to tailor to your specific needs. The compression massage emulates a sports type massage with deep tissue pressure. Two types of techniques are used which are alternating strokes and a rocking motion. The stroking spreads and applies pressure to deep muscle tissue. The rocking motion helps to loosen the spinal joints. This can help with overall posture and improve mobility. We give this massage recliner an 18 in key features.

Side Press pelvic massage from both sides of the buttocks. With this feature, the massage can relieve fatigue and muscle pain in the thighs and buttocks.

Place your hands on your client’s back with the thumbs resting in the spinal groove. The top hand should be at the base of the neck with the bottom hand next to it, as in the Gravity Rock.

Then go and look for the types of warranties that you can get with your chair and whatever other options the retailers give you. While you don’t want to think about it you really should.

This is a lifelong condition that I will never grow out of. I have to look forward to it worsening as I age. But, just like my ulcerative colitis, I know that somewhere in my struggle lies a silver lining. I haven’t yet found it but, I have faith that discovery will happen soon.