Custom neon signs are a great way to advertise your business. They allow you to get the attention of people who pass your business everyday without requiring an additional advertising budget. These types of signs range from totally custom to template designs with customization options.

LED neon has fluid light that will look bright in all directions – This can help to attract customers or clients to your business. After you get them in the door, you are able to use your selling skills to get the business that you want and need.

To be honest, there was a girl who was a Brick House bombshell, with a sensational eye-popping figure, judging by the collective stares of the men in the audience, but the dear bombshell appeared dumb as a bag of hammers! (She wasn’t, just shy.) I was pretty adept at stringing a sentence together, and she fumbled over her name. Since they wanted a kind of spokesmodel winner, I won.

Store owners can make their customers fully aware that they are ready to serve them with the use of open LED signs. LED signs are the current fashion nowadays. LED means light-emitting diode and they are the latest addition to advertising platforms in this modern time. They are quickly replacing the neon signs as they look far more attractive and hip and are highly energy efficient. When compared to neon signs, the open LED neon eat less power so store owners can definitely save up some money on their electric consumption. The signs can also be left on for quite a long time without the pixels burning and dying out. With proper care and maintenance, this type of sign will still be operational in 10- 15 years. That is how long the life expectancy of these signs is.

Electronic signs get you noticed. Tomorrow as you are riding through your town take a look at the signs. In most towns you will see everything from cardboard all the way up to fancy electronic displays. There is no doubt that LED signs cause your business to get noticed. In fact now that I have mentioned this to you every where you go you will see LED signs, maybe your competitors are using them?

Customers have the right to choose the establishment and you can’t do anything about it. Instead, you let them choose your establishment among any others. If you have the LED sign brightly glowing outside, people will immediately notice your store before they set eyes to other stores. The bright and glowing sign will lead the customers’ way to your store.

Even though there is a cost factor to consider when it comes to putting up LED there is also a profit factor to think about. After installing these kinds of signs the famous chain “Walgreens” experienced an 18% growth in sales. If your business would like to see similar results then maybe an LED is the way to go for you.