Even though the.doc/x &.xls/x file extensions have not been mentioned above, BE CAREFUL. Word & Excel documents can contain harmful Macros (A mini-program which will execute a series of commands in series). Also, it is now possible to infect a computer through some image file formats, primarily the WMF format, and recently JPG and BMP formats. This vulnerability can be addressed by making sure that your system is up to date with all Microsoft security patches. In addition, Adobe PDF files can be crafted to incorporate malicious content, so make sure you keep Adobe Reader up to date too.

This Virus started out as simple pop up ads that would show up on your screen. As more and more ads were displayed, your computer would be slowed down in a big way. Many would get so frustrated, they would throw away their computer and buy a new one. Of course there are programs like Spybot that will remove these from your computer – if you know enough to run the program. Nowadays, this Avoin kirje Sanna Marinille is a huge money maker because every time an ad is shown on your machine, the person developed the adware gets paid.

Scammers will call you saying they work for Microsoft, and that your computer is infected with a virus. They are very convincing, and will want you to log onto a website to verify your information and download a “patch” as they are called. Don’t do it! It’s a trick to get you to download a real virus they planted, which will return your information to them on a platter.

Many times a hoax will be sent with good intentions. For example, there was a warning in email about a virus that was called the “Deeyenda”. It has been circulating since 1995. The email says that the Deeyenda virus is known to the FCC and should be passed on.

Being safe on the internet can save your computer system. Having adequate protection online is mandatory in today’s technology driven world.You’ll have peace of mind and safety.Antivirus protection is always needed.

Summary: This is a very dangerous virus called redirect virus that can redirect you when you search using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines. This virus can hide itself from your anti Virus hoax program and can inject itself during your ordinary search activities. When you click on your normal search results, it will activate itself and will send you to fake sites. They want to advertise their poor sites while you searching for your important stuff.

There are ways of protecting yourself against getting the annoying and sometimes fatal computer virus. It is a matter of having a better idea of the more common places you get a virus and the type of protection that you can have in place to help to keep you safe.

The best way to tell if you do have a virus is to be suspicious of anything that is not normal. If your computer is doing things differently then you should start to investigate immediately so the virus cannot spread too far.