There aren’t many times we get to be silly and girly in this world, so a bridal shower shouldn’t be wasted. Make sure it’s genuinely fun. It’s simple — just think about what makes your bride special, and let yourself loose with the theme. Here are a few ideas to charge up the noggin and organize something unique.

Our total bill for a dinner for two, including Wine and Chocolate Gift Set, beer, appetizer, and two entrees, with doggy bags to take some home, was less than $40, not including tip. My boyfriend paid the bill and was very generous with the tip due to the high quality of service and food. It was highly recommended online, and I can see why. It certainly is much better than any chain restaurants such as Olive Garden.

Does your family have a set of dishes that have been kept for some special occasion that never happens? Now is the time to get it out and incorporate it into your Christmas theme. All the family will appreciate these special settings and no one is more important than your family. When you set your Christmas table set it for royalty – your family.

Chef Nate Lindsay was in attendance for our meal and he provided a brilliant mixture of fresh fish Wine and Chocolate wild game that left us fully satisfied. Our best description of the meal: it was like a modern take on the best Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever had. Without further adieu, let’s talk about the food.

If you see a snake approaching you can run away or you can kill it. But what if you are asleep? Then you are dead. Who should you blame? The snake or yourself, because you did not make your home safe?

Tomatoes are different from nuts. They are the part of a rainbow diet. Think about it: if fruits or vegetables are of bright color, they are actually inviting you to eat them, and they are good for you. And tomatoes are known to be beneficial for your health: they protect from prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, breast cancer and neurodegenerative diseases as well as harmful ultraviolet radiation. Sounds like they are better than modern western medicine that cannot protect you from any cancer. It can only detect it early.

So, you sons of Pan, you daughters of Venus…your day approaches. Stir the fires of love. Kindle the passions of your heart. And share the warmth with your sweetie. It’s winter after all. A little wine…a little chocolate…fireworks will follow.