Millions of people across the world are now undergoing LASIK eye surgery and loved the result. But still there are some people who have lots of questions in their mind about what kind of work they should avoid and can we watch TV after LASIK eye surgery? Or can we see any screen with bare eyes?

LASIK is a blade free procedure but still you will need to take the whole day off to recover fast. You can get LASIK surgery in Delhi []. You can watch TV after taking a good nap. A small digital screen can irritate your eyes after the LASIK eyes surgery. So you have to wait for sometime to get back your favourite device again.

Digital device affect your eyes:-

You may get eye strain, if you spend too much time on screen. Much use of common devices like tablets, computers and smartphones can cause temporary vision problems or irritation on eyes. Many uncomfortable complications can be associated like dryness, irritation and digital eye strain. Digital screens impact your eyes negatively, the reason behind this is when you are looking at TV, mobile or any other device’s screen you tend to blink less frequently. Glare, flicker and some variable elements that include in screen that cause your eyes tired. 

Limiting phone and other devices use after LASIK:-

After the LASIK prolonged screen time can be hard for your eyes. In the healing or recovery time watching TV or using other devices like mobile, computer etc. will likely cause unnecessary irritation and discomfort. So you have to give time to heal. 24 hours after LASIK surgery you should avoid looking at digital devices. All the surgeons give the advice to their patients that after the LASIK procedure patients should give rest to their eyes by keeping them closed or taking a good nap. If you are a book lover then for some days you have to avoid this. You have to avoid all those activities that are demanding visually.  The LASIK cost in India (visualaidscentre) is much more affordable than others. 

Practice for post LASIK screen time:-

It is important to do some practice to keep your eyes healthy after LASIK eyes surgery. Some simple but beneficial screen-related practice can help you to prevent dryness, irritation etc. so some practice are following:-

  • Don’t forget to blink:- When your ophthalmologist allows you to use the computer or watch TV you should blink frequently. This is easier to say but when we are watching TV or working on the computer it’s hard to remember because looking at the screen can be very distracting. So you have to put a note on a corner of your computer and TV screen to remind you to blink.
  • Use eye drops:- To get relief from dryness you should keep your eyes numb, lubricating eye drops and artificial tears can help you.
  • Follow 20/20/20 formula:- This formula is quite effective so you have to take a 20 second break after every 20 minute to focus your eyes on something that is at least 20 feet away.