If you love to look at your guitar idol on stage strumming and plucking on those strings as he moves to the music, you may be itching to learn those master guitar playing tips. You can actually learn these guitar-playing techniques easy and fast by learning also some simple formula on how to make your learning easy and fun as well.

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To learn guitar from an online course, you’ll need a pair of PC speakers. Nothing fancy, but a good pair that is clear and audible is essential. The videos themselves will be played using your browser usually with a Flash or Quicktime plugin, both of which are available free online.

Train your ear as well, so you can hear chord changes, know how different intervals sound so you can hear what you’re going to play before you play it. You can sing the intervals to really help internalize them. As mentioned, transcribing songs can really help develop your ear as well.

You can refer to the book repeatedly till you understand what you are learning. In case you are too busy to read a book, buy a DVD. A DVD contains all the written, audio and visual information about things that you need to know about guitar playing. You can run it up on your personal computer or a DVD player at your own convenience and in your own time.

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