The fashions that hit the retail stores each year are variations of those which were showcased on the industry catwalks months earlier. Changing constantly, a lot of women’s clothes trends are simply variations of styles that were in fashion several years ago – some making a comeback for the best and others for the worst.

The touch. Always take note of the texture. Just like the smell, an original leather must have a more inconsistent texture. Hey, it used to be from something that was alive anyway. In a faux made leather jacket, the pores are more consistent and regular. The feel is also smoother compared to that of the original.

While most people associate 1920s fashion with flapper and gangster type Brecha, those styles weren’t actually popularized until 1925 and forward. Before the flapper girls and dresses were dancing around the speakeasies, women were wearing long drop waist dresses which stood approximately 12-14 inches from the floor. The onset of the different styles was a move towards rebellion by women in an attempt to draw attention to women’s rights. Girdles were dispensed, hems rose, sleeves disappeared and women were in control of their bodies for the first time in history. Its a tribute to these women and the fight for women’s rights which makes 1920s style vintage bridesmaid dresses a social, as well as fashion, statement.

How To Find an Apartment in Thailand. Apartment buildings are everywhere in Thailand, especially in Bangkok. The easiest way to find an apartment, is simply walk around the neighborhood you’re interested in living in and go into any buildings that look nice. Someone at the front desk will almost always be available to show you an apartment and, in Thailand, there is not usually a minimum lease you have to sign, so you can stay for a month, three months, six months or more. If you agree to stay longer than three months though, many apartment buildings will give you a discounted rent every month. Don’t forget, when you rent an apartment in Thailand the building management will require a deposit of two months rent plus the first months rent in advance.

Thongs have long been the best solution for hiding panty lines. The downside has Denim clothing always been that they are just a bit uncomfortable. Some women can get use to them while others cannot. If you want an alternative, boy shorts are the way to go. They work well because the high cut waist and low cut legs make sure there is no panty line running around your derriere when wearing tighter clothes such as a skirt. They are also very comfortable, so give them a try. I use boy shorts as my base, practical panty.

Denim hats. What is a good outfit without a nice hat? How about a denim hat? Such a hat would make a nice addition to any wardrobe. It will go with anything that jeans will match. Hats can add a great sense of personal style.

Many of these outdoors/grunge/biker looks have been emerging for a few years, but they are officially mainstream this season. So channel your inner Kurt Cobain, minus the drug addiction, and dress down this season. The look is vintage casual cool and very fashion forward.